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AI agent basics

AI Agent is a feature that allows you to easily create AI experts.

You can create AI agents for your team and add the experts your team is missing.

For private use, you can create experts in the same profession as yourself and receive various support.

Clicking on each AI agent will take you to the chat screen.

① Adding AI agent

  • You can create a new AI agent in the list.
  • Click here for information on creating/editing a new AI agent.

②AI agent search

  • You can search for AI agents that have already been created.
  • Search keywords can also be AND searched.
  • Vague keyword searches are also possible.

③Team AI agent

  • These are AI agents created by you or other workspace members.
  • You can edit/delete the AI ​​agent you created from the gear icon in the upper right corner.
    • Users with admin/owner privileges can edit/delete all AI agents.
  • Chats created with this AI agent are also visible to workspace members on the history page

④Private AI agent

  • This is an AI agent that is invisible to other members.
  • Users with admin/owner privileges can view everything including private information.