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Basic functions of templates

How to read the template page

You can create templates for your team to streamline and standardize your team's work.

You can also create templates for private use and work on improving your own business.

Clicking on each template will take you to the chat screen.

① Add template

②Template search

  • You can search for templates that have already been created.
  • Search keywords can also be AND searched.
  • Vague keyword searches are also possible.

③Team template

  • These are templates created by you or other workspace members.
  • You can edit/delete templates you have created by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.
    • Users with admin/owner privileges can edit/delete all templates.
  • Chats created with this template are also visible to workspace members on the History page

④Private template

  • This template is not visible to other members.
  • Users with admin/owner privileges can view everything including private information.
  • If you set the user to "private" when creating the template, it will be displayed here.

Let's create a template.

Click here for a sample of how to make it