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Create/edit new template

Create new template

You can create a new template using the "Add Template" button.


  • You can set template icons.


  • This is the title of the template.
  • Recommended 20 characters or less
  • Does not affect generated conversations

③Explanatory text

  • Please include an explanation or overview of the AI ​​agent for workspace members.
  • Does not affect generated conversations
④Upload file
  • We will answer based on the file information uploaded here.
  • PDF, CSV, word, and text files can be attached
  • The character limit depends on the GPT model used
  • If you enter ``Please answer according to the attached file'' in the ``What kind of AI agent?'' section, accuracy will increase.


  • Please enter template
  • What you enter here will be displayed on the chat screen


  • team
    • Publish the AI ​​agent to members of the same workspace
    • The history of chats created by a user/team is also visible to members of the same workspace.
  • private
    • AI agents are not exposed to other workspace members
    • Chat history created by user/private will not be made public.
    • ⚠️Note: Users with admin/owner privileges can view all AI agents and history. Therefore, please do not enter information such as credit card information.

Edit template

You can edit the template from the gear mark. The basic items are the same as those for new creation.

Templates can be edited by the creator or by people with admin privileges or higher. (Other users will not see the gear mark)

If you change the visibility of a history that has already been created, the visibility of the history will also change accordingly.