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image generate

image generate

Generate images from natural language prompts.

① Prompt

  • Please enter the prompt
  • Generates information entered earlier in the prompt.
  • It can be generated in Japanese, but English is more accurate.

②Negative prompt

  • Enter anything you don't want included in the image.
  • Input is optional. You can generate it without any problem even if you don't have it.

③Image style

  • 18 different image styles to choose from
  • Choice is optional
  • See here for details

④Image size

  • You can choose from 9 different image sizes.
  • The choice is optional. By default it is 1024 x 1024 (square)
  • See here for details

⑤Number of sheets generated

  • You can choose the number of images to generate based on the prompt you enter
  • The minimum number is 1 and the maximum is 10.
  • The selection is optional, and the default is 4, but the larger the number, the longer it will take to generate.


  • Press run to start generation

⑦New image

  • Clear the images generated so far
  • Cleared history can be viewed from " History " on the left menu bar.


  • Start the generation again keeping the information from the original prompt

②Display larger

  • Displayed when you hover over the generated image
  • Display the selected image larger

③Additional corrections

  • Displayed when you hover over the generated image
  • You can prompt to add any elements you want to the selected image
  • Regenerates the original image including the new prompt elements

④Image information

  • Displays the information used to generate the image


  • Download the generated image