MaisonAI is an AI support tool developed to support product planning, production, sales, promotion, and marketing in the fashion business. It provides powerful business support through the automatic generation of text, images, etc. by AI.It will be offered in both cloud and open source software.


AI service specializing in various positions in the fashion industry. AI creates text and images.

  • Textile designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Stylist
  • Fashion writer
  • Fashion model
  • Marketing
  • Merchandiser
  • Production Management

Image generation

AI image generation technology has become a tremendous advancement since 2022. MaisonAI plans to provide application-specific AI models for image generation AI specialized for the fashion field.

  • Extensive templates

    There is a wide variety of question templates to support various tasks in the fashion industry.

  • Switching AI Models

    Different AI models have distinctive outputs. Various models can be switched.

  • Open source software

    MaisonAI is also considering offering the software as open source software so that it can be used in a variety of environments.

  • What is MaisonAI?

    This is a generative AI support service that specializes in various occupations in the fashion industry.

  • When can I use your services?

    A beta version will be available in May 2023.

  • What are the images and text generated?

    You can generate text for fashion-specific blog posts, product descriptions, video descriptions, etc. Image generation allows you to generate a variety of images to inspire your fashion designs.

  • What is OpenFashion?

    The OpenFashion is a platform that combines the disparate elements of Virtual Fashion, AI, web3 and other technologies, and the power of online communities to fundamentally change the creative flow of fashion.