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Maison AI: Let's create advertising images with AI agent x image generator


As AI technology evolves day by day, the use of AI has become the key to innovation in advertising as well. When we talk about the use of AI in advertising, we often hear about SEO catchphrase optimization, etc., but what about creative production? Creative production is a field that constantly requires new ideas, but the traditional process of generating ideas and creating materials has the problem of making it difficult to produce high-quality products without spending time and effort. In this article, we will report on the results of implementing and verifying Maison AI in practice in order to transform that process and utilize the creative mind at a higher level.

Create a Maison AI ad for Instagram

This time, we are creating a Maison AI ad for Instagram by utilizing two of Maison AI's functions, ``AI agent'' and ``image generation.'' This time, the "AI agent" has collected the information necessary as a creative director for advertising production and has been set with skills, and can do everything from concept to target setting and proposal of catchphrase. Then, the "image generation" function instantly generates visuals based on the AI ​​agent's suggestions, making advertising production more efficient. Utilizing Maison AI's features to create images and catchphrases for Instagram ads I'll show you the process of how I created it.

Advertisement production process

  1. Created “AI Agent” (MaisonAI Advertising Creative Director)
  2. Consult with the "AI agent" and create a concept, target, and catchphrase
  3. Create creative images with the "Image Generate" function

1. Create an “AI agent”

What is an AI agent?

Maison AI's AI agent is a function that allows you to register specific persona and target information in advance, and extract information that is more effective for a specific area from the AI ​​and make suggestions tailored to the user's needs. . By leveraging AI agents, AI functions not only as an efficient information processing tool but also as an intelligent advisor that brings out creativity.
This time, we will create and verify an AI agent called "Maison AI Advertising Creative Director".

Maison AI Advertising Creative Director Role Settings

With Maison AI, the AI ​​agent persona can be set and fixed using attachments and text input. Here, the requirements for the AI ​​to behave as "Maison AI's advertising creative director" are defined, including the skills it possesses, its role, and providing accurate advice at various stages of the advertising production process.

Setting details

2. Consult with the "AI agent" and create a concept, target, and catchphrase

In advertising production, AI agents support the selection of a consistent concept and clear target audience. Users share their brand vision, and AI suggests various concepts with its extensive knowledge and inspiration. It also leverages historical data to identify the best target audience. Furthermore, AI generates attractive catchphrases based on the target and concept, and refines them in collaboration with the creative team to complete effective advertisements.

3. Create creative images with the "Image Generate" function

Create prompts and generate images

After formulating the concept, determining the target audience, and deciding on the catchphrase, it's time to visualize the message. To generate images from text, you need to create an image generation prompt. For this part as well, we will use the AI ​​agent to create prompts for image generation that match the concept.

If you make a request to the AI ​​agent, such as ``I want to create this kind of image or output it in this format,'' it will respond to your request.

Next, follow the prompts suggested by the AI ​​agent. Input to image generator and generate image.

In this way, we further improve the images generated by image generator while consulting with the AI ​​agent. Specifically, we revised the color scheme and image image to create more effective advertising images. We will make fine adjustments on the image generator .

Selection and brush-up: creative human intervention

AI suggests a wealth of ideas, but it is not perfect. Human intervention is key, and you need a flair for selecting images and tailoring them to your brand's story and emotion. We refine the creative message by tuning prompts and negative prompts, such as adjusting color tones and fine-tuning the composition.

Check generated images against concepts and targets

Finally, the creative team considers whether the generated image matches the intended concept and target, and balances both aspects to complete the final advertising material. This step can also be considered a new creative realm brought about by the coexistence of technology and humanity. Maison AI doesn't just generate images, it takes advertising production to the next level by collaborating with humans at every stage of the creative process.

Place the Maison AI icon and catchphrase on top of the completed image and you're done!


Improve operational efficiency and creative results
The implementation of Maison AI has streamlined the ad production process, dramatically accelerating idea conceptualization, visual production, and catchphrase creation.

Creative production where AI and humans coexist
When using Maison AI, I felt that it was important to have an appropriate balance between AI suggestions and human creative direction. In future creative production, we can expect the creative process to become more efficient as AI technology evolves, and we believe that by combining AI's bold ideas with human emotion and cultural depth, we will be able to create better advertisements. Masu.

This time, the test was to ``create an advertising image using Maison AI.''
You can learn more about Maison AI here.
Everyone, please take advantage of it!