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Maison AI: 3 effective ways to use it as seen by GAI Program participants


This is Kamijo from OpenFashion.

OpenFashion is holding a generative AI seminar and practical workshop called the GAI Program for companies and educational institutions that are introducing and utilizing Maison AI.

In this blog, we will introduce people who participated in the GAI Program and practiced generative AI for the first time, and how they have used AI in their work since then to achieve results.

What is Open Fashion GAI Program?

Starting in August 2023, companies include World Co., Ltd., Moririn Co., Ltd., Narumiya International Co., Ltd., and schools include Bunka Fashion College, Mode Gakuen, Sugino Gakuen, and Oda Fashion College. , and many other people, with a total of more than 500 people.

Three effective ways to use Maison AI

Based on feedback from participants, we'd like to share three of the most effective ways to use Maison AI.

  1. Automate operations with low-code and no-code
  2. Creating aggregate reports from irregular reports
  3. Customer customization of emails and sales materials

1. Use of low-code and no-code for business automation

With the support of Maison AI, even people without knowledge can automate business processes using low-code and no-code. This significantly improves the way you operate and the efficiency of your operations, regardless of your department or role.

Applicable departments/job types: Applicable to all departments and job types.
Accompanying required skills: Skills that can promote new business designs and operations
Expected effects: Reduction of work time (cut by approximately half), acquisition of new skills.
Specific example: A shoemaker consulted Maison AI on how to improve his work and created an automation program using GAS as a specific way to improve efficiency. We created features such as spreadsheet input support functions and automatic sending of reminder emails for missed deadlines. Through these efforts, the man-hours for administrative work were reduced by about half, significantly increasing efficiency. By taking on the challenge of using AI as a partner despite having no experience in VBA or GAS, I was able to create business tools in-house that could be used not only by myself but by my team.

By building Maison AI's AI agents that are well versed in these skills, you will be able to have them teach you how to tackle specialized fields that you are unfamiliar with, and even create specific programming and approaches. . This allows you to try new things and improve your skills while learning them, even if you don't have specialized knowledge.

2. Utilization for creating aggregate reports from irregular reports

Maison AI makes it easy to aggregate amorphous data such as free-form comments and interview results for analysis and reporting. This makes it possible to apply it to a variety of departments, such as store operations and brand management.

Applicable departments and job types: Departments and job types that handle data that is received in the form of comments rather than in a fixed format, such as client and customer feedback.
Required skills: No special skills required
Expected effect: Enables aggregation of large amounts of data and reduces work time by approximately 50%.
Specific example: A store management consultant used Maison AI to compile the results of an undercover investigation into store management. When compiling the huge amount of survey results from 60 stores into a final report, even irregular text such as evaluation comments can be efficiently aggregated, greatly improving work efficiency. It became possible to reduce the time by about 50%. By improving efficiency, we were able to create a system that can be operated even if the scale expands in the future.

By using Maison AI's templates, you can standardize the output format after aggregation and analyze irregularly shaped reports. Additionally, by incorporating evaluation indicators and the characteristics of an evaluation company into the AI ​​agent, it becomes possible to perform multifaceted evaluations that take advantage of both AI and human perspectives.

3. Utilizing emails and sales materials for customer customization

By utilizing Maison AI, it is possible to easily optimize the content of emails and sales materials for customers and companies with high quality. This feature is suitable for any department or job type that handles customer service and sales operations using email and PowerPoint.

Applicable departments/jobs: Departments/jobs related to customer service or sales that use email and PowerPoint.
Required skills: No special skills required
Expected effects: Update of existing templates and materials, stabilization of quality.
Specific example: A company's customer sales staff uses it to create proposal materials tailored to each customer. Also, by using it to help solve problems, I am now able to easily think of and propose improvement plans for client issues that I have only heard about. We were able to create materials that met the client's expectations in a short amount of time, making sales approaches and communication smoother.

With Maison AI, you can enhance existing materials by inputting customer profiles, challenges, and what sales reps want to emphasize. This makes it possible to efficiently propose content that meets customer needs, and is expected to improve sales results.


We introduced three effective ways to use Maison AI.
These cases show that using AI technology can dramatically improve operational efficiency and produce high-quality results.

I plan to explain in detail how Maison AI is operated and used in a separate blog at a later date.

In the fashion and creative industry, there are people from various industries and occupations, and a variety of ways to utilize generative AI are being created every day to suit their respective tasks. At OpenFashion, we would like to support the further success of your business by providing knowledge about AI and opportunities to utilize it.

We hope that these examples will stimulate readers to consider the use of AI technology and lead to the discovery of new possibilities.