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Maison AI for teams: 3 points for effective implementation



My name is Endo and I am in charge of Maison AI's product demonstrations and coordination of the GAI Program.
According to a survey on the utilization status of generative AI, approximately 62.8% of corporate users are utilizing AI technology. *1 has been published, and it is expected that it will be introduced more and more frequently in the future. However, in the process of introducing it to a team, there may be some hurdles, such as differences in the skills and level of interest of each person.

In this blog, we will introduce the learnings gained from introducing and utilizing Maison AI within OpenFashion.
I would like to share with you ``Three Points for Effective Implementation.''

*1 Usage status of generation AI (Source: ExaWizards)

We hope that this will help those who are currently using Maison AI or those who are considering using it to promote its introduction and utilization.

Please see below for "Maison AI".
Maison AI service site:

Point 1: Set up an introduction PM for smooth team onboarding

At our company, we introduced PM this time. One person from each team was assigned to promote the implementation. What is Introduction PM? When introducing a new tool into the company, my role is to understand the usage plan and usage status, and to ensure that the introduced tool spreads throughout the company .

By doing this, you can improve the resolution of usage methods for users in different industries and tasks, facilitate them, and promote daily adoption.

In this blog, we will also share real interviews with people who were in charge of the project.

People who cooperated with the interview

  • Internal introduction PM
    • Mika Han: Maison AI development engineer
    • Naoki Ushiyama: 3DCG lead
    • Yoshinori Kitagawa: SNS Marketing
    • Miki Endo: Biz Project Management Office

    First of all, what was the first thing you did after being selected as the introduction PM?

    Han (Development) : There was a regular development team meeting once a week, so I thought it would be the perfect place to actually show Maison AI through screen sharing and discuss together how to use the tool. I thought about it.

    Ushiyama (CG) : At the same time that Maison AI was introduced, an AI image contest was being held. A member of the CG team created an AI agent*2 to play the role of director for our own brand, and we proceeded with the introduction using this AI agent as a springboard.

    North side (marketing) : The marketing team created an AI agent to be used for distributing e-mail newsletters, and while actually following the history function, we are sharing examples of its use, and we are working to spread the word by sharing more and more examples of how it is actually used. I was taking it.

    Endo (PMO) : The Biz team that I belong to also made announcements about the in-house implementation once a week, and we regularly conducted interviews about the usage status. In this way, when each team introduced Maison AI, it started with an announcement, mutual understanding of usage status, and a routine for its use was created within the team.

    The first important point is that each team and routine was created under the leadership of the introduction PM. Repeated interviews and sharing success stories within the team increases the individual's desire to implement the system, which ultimately leads to the team implementing it.

    *2 AI agent: You can set various job types and roles, and AI will support your work based on them.

    What did you feel after working as an introduction PM?

    Han (Developer): I feel like I should have taken the time to think about Maison AI and come up with some ideas to make it more useful to everyone.

    Ushiyama (CG): Of course, as a PM, it is necessary to judge and support members in terms of where they are most likely to get frustrated and whether they can be utilized in their work, but when I thought it could be used here, I realized that I needed time to think carefully about assembling the template*3.

    Kitagawa (Marketing) : Productivity will increase if you implement the system reliably, so I think there are many times when companies say, ``I don't know how to implement it.'' It's important to verbalize where you get stuck. is. I believe that if the introduction PM is successful, it will be possible to improve the business, so I think it is a very important role.

    Endo (PMO): We promoted the introduction of AI agents by regularly sharing how to utilize them and thinking as a team about how to use AI agents to streamline tasks that require man-hours. I felt that it was important to take steps to raise members' awareness of how to use the service.

    Implementation PMs play a key role in communicating with team members, identifying and resolving issues, and even implementing cultural change. It is important for the implementation PM to not only implement Maison AI, but also to design and implement a strategy to maximize the potential value within the team.

    In doing so, the Implementation PM is not just an adopter of new tools, but a key player in driving the transformation of the entire team.

    *3 Template: A distinctive feature of Maison AI that helps standardize work and improve work efficiency.

    Point 2: Build a work flow that encourages user behavior change

    Tools don't just exist; by incorporating them into daily work and using them frequently, the entire work becomes more efficient. To this end, it is important to consider how to encourage users to change their behavior.

    What challenges or difficulties did you face in promoting implementation?

      Maison (Developer): We were able to get a positive response to the announcement of the tool, but there were times when we forgot to use Maison AI in our daily work.

      Ushiyama (CG): When the CG team started production, there wasn't much use of AI, including Maison AI and ChatGPT. It was quite difficult to separate tasks and create a workflow based on the use of AI.

      north side (Marketing): In terms of the difficulty of introducing it, in order for users to use it regularly, users' habits have to change, so we need to create a UX and business flow that can be incorporated into the business flow in various jobs. People who don't use it don't use it forever. It was the impression that.

      Endo (PMO): The Biz team often uses it for research work, but once that work is finished, the frequency of use decreases. Like other teams, I thought it was necessary to create a work flow for continued use.

      As mentioned in the interview, to encourage user behavior change, existing work flows need to be revisited and incorporated into new routines to effectively integrate Maison AI.

      In order to maximize the effectiveness of introducing a tool, it is important to not only implement the tool, but also deeply observe and understand user habits and work flows, and use that insight to integrate the new tool into daily work. Ultimately, you need to develop a strategy to improve the productivity and creativity of your entire team.

      These efforts will help the entire team better understand and utilize Maison AI.

      Point 3: Consider flexible implementation methods that suit the needs of each team and individual

      There are various job types and operations within the team. It is important to understand this diversity and take a flexible approach accordingly.

      What kind of support did you provide and what results did you get when using Maison AI?

        domain (Development): The development team did not use Maison AI much, so we changed our perspective and conducted a survey on how engineers can utilize AI, with the theme of ``How can AI be used in the work of engineers?'' I did.

        Ushiyama (CG): Because the CG team's jobs are segmented, there were some jobs that it was impossible to ask AI about. On the other hand, those in the design part based on the brand concept continued to use it. Therefore, I think the adoption rate will vary greatly depending on the type of job.

        north side (Marketing): The marketing team I think the best part is the history screen. I really like the fact that when I'm having trouble figuring out how to write on a daily basis, I can use my history as a reference. With Midjourney, the prompts and results used by other people are shared within the service, but I don't have much of a ChatGPT prompt that I can use in my own work.

        Endo (PMO): I feel that history is the most valuable part of Maison AI.

        It is important to skillfully combine individual success stories and team success stories as a flexible implementation method tailored to your needs.

        • Individual success stories: design work and planning work
          • image source wall
          • Creating an outline of the presentation content
        • Team success stories: Incorporate them into your daily workflow
          • Review of email newsletter distribution text
          • Outlining and reviewing advertising writing text
          • Prompt censorship in image generation

        Additionally, as mentioned in the marketing team's comments, Maison AI's history feature has proven to be particularly effective when introduced to teams. Sharing individual success stories with the team provides hints for new ideas and approaches for utilization. This function is not limited to the abilities of individuals, but is effective in developing and deploying the abilities of talented people within the team.


        Three points to effectively introduce Maison AI to your team...

        1. Set up an introductory PM for smooth team onboarding
        2. Build a business flow that encourages user behavior change
        3. Consider flexible deployment methods to suit the needs of each team and individual.

        When properly implemented, Maison AI has the potential to significantly improve team productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

        We believe that Maison AI can be integrated into daily work by enabling efficient implementation through implementation PM and encouraging user behavioral changes. Additionally, by taking a flexible approach tailored to the needs of each team and individual, Maison AI is responsive and valuable to your organization.

        Take advantage of these implementation points to make introducing Maison AI to your team smoother and more effective!