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Home screen basics

How to view the home screen

This is the workspace home screen.

①Select workspace

  • Participating workspaces are displayed.
  • You can switch workspaces by selecting.

②Left menu

Transition to each page.

The page you are currently on will be highlighted.

  • home
    • This is the current page.
  • store
    • This is a page where you can use AI functions set for different purposes, such as general purpose, fashion specific, and image.
  • AI chat
    • Unlike templates and AI talents, you can use plain ChatGPT.
  • AI agent
    • This page allows you to view the list of AI agents and use AI agents.
  • template
    • This page allows you to view a list of templates and use templates.
  • image generate
    • This is a page where you can use image generation AI.
  • history
    • You can view your chat history.
  • *Edit workspace
    • Visible only to workspace owners.
    • You can rename your workspace.
  • account name
    • You can change your account settings.
    • You can change the name and icon image.
  • Logout
    • Log out of your account and return to the login page.

③Management of participating members

You can check the number of participating members and add or remove members.

For specific operation methods , manage participating members (add/delete) Please refer to.