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Managing participating members (add/delete)

You can see who has already joined your workspace and who you have invited.

To check or delete the permissions of all participating members, or delete invited members (cancel invitations), go to "detail →" at the bottom of Members on the right side of the home screen.

Filter display of members

  • You can filter by user name or permissions.

② Invite members

  • You can invite members to your workspace using the invite button
  • If you invite users who have already used Maison AI (users who have joined other workspaces), they will be displayed in the member list instead of being invited.

③Delete members

  • Users with admin/owner privileges can remove other joined members from the workspace.
  • All users can remove other invited members from their workspace.

Change member authority

  • Users with admin/owner privileges can change the privileges of other joined members.
    • Owner authority cannot be changed.