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About image styles

name explanation example
normal standard image style
enhance Styles with improved image detail and quality
anime Style with character characteristics
photographic A style characterized by photo-realism
digital art An art style in which photographs, illustrations, etc. are arranged and created using digital tools.
comic book Styles found in comics and graphic novels
fantasy art An art style that expresses magic, mythical creatures, and fictional worlds.
line art A simple and sophisticated style of drawing shapes and designs using lines.
analog film A style with a texture that looks like it was taken with a film camera
neon punk A style that combines neon colors and cyberpunk elements
isometric A style that uses isometric projection to represent 3D space in 2D.
low poly Geometric style made with a small number of polygons
origami style made with origami
modeling compound Styles made of clay and other materials
cinematic Dramatic, high-quality style like a movie
3D model Three-dimensional style
pixel art Retro style created using pixels
tile texture Texture pattern style that can be placed continuously