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About chat

Users can interact using text generation AI technology such as ChatGPT in combination with AI agents and templates. The content generated here can be used to improve operational efficiency and plan new businesses.

Specifically, it is possible to elicit new ideas in a question-and-answer format through dialogue with the AI ​​agent, and to generate standardized answers using the template function.

chat basics

There are 4 types of chat

template chat Chat that follows a set template
AI agent chat Chat where you can have a conversation with an AI agent
AI chat Plain and simple chat screen
*Chat from history You can view your past history

Additionally, if the user of the template/AI agent is set to team, chat content can be viewed from the history.

On the other hand, if it is private, it will not be published in the history.

⚠️Note: In the future, users with admin/owner privileges will be able to view all AI agents and history. Therefore, please do not enter information such as credit card information.