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Signed a sales and implementation partnership agreement with Fashion Collaboration Lab for the generative AI utilization support tool “Maison AI” – To promote the introduction of generative AI in the fashion industry –

OpenFashion Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as OpenFashion), which develops services and products that combine fashion with the latest technology including AI, is a subsidiary of Fashion Co-Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo). We would like to inform you that we have entered into a sales and implementation partner agreement (hereinafter referred to as this agreement) with Tokyo Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as Fashion Co-Lab) for the generative AI utilization support tool "Maison AI".

OpenFashion Co., Ltd. is working on developing services and products that combine fashion with the latest technology, including AI. The service ``Maison AI'', whose beta version was launched in August of this year, is an AI tool for text and image generation specialized in the fashion industry. In October, we added a new "Image Generate" function that generates images from text, and we are running a free trial until the end of January 2024, and many people are already using it.

Fashion Co-Lab Co., Ltd. provides SIMLES, a solution that seamlessly connects e-commerce, stores, and logistics, and focuses on optimizing business processes by streamlining inventory management. doing.

■Background of the conclusion

Both companies aim to solve a variety of challenges facing the fashion industry, including inventory management, efficient supply chains, and seamless integration between sales channels, as well as the talent shortage, which is an issue across industries.

We also believe that the introduction and utilization of generative AI in the industry will not only accelerate the speed of problem solving, but also create new businesses by allowing humans to focus their time on areas where they should be spending more time, so we are introducing generative AI throughout the industry. In order to promote this, we have concluded this sales and implementation partner agreement.

■Future outlook

With the conclusion of this agreement, Fashion Co-Lab will provide Maison AI proposals, implementation support, and post-implementation support to the company's customers.

In the future, we plan to strengthen Maison AI's enterprise business with the aim of improving business efficiency and productivity in more companies, and by collaborating with Fashion Co-Lab, we will expand Maison AI's sales and increase productivity. We believe that we have created an environment that allows for smooth introduction and functional development. We will provide a wide range of support, from making appropriate proposals that meet the company's challenges to developing in-house leaders with the aim of establishing the use of AI.

For more information about "Maison AI", please visit the official website below. Please note that the free trial period is until the end of January 2024, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

・Maison AI official service site

*Free trial now available

・MaisonAI guide page (notion)

You can see more detailed instructions on how to use MaisonAI.

We aim to expand the use of "MaisonAI" and will continue to actively cooperate with various partners, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

■Comments from company representatives

Ushio Ogawa Managing Executive Officer of World Group Co., Ltd. and President of Fashion Co. Labo Co., Ltd.

The biggest difference between this initiative with OpenFashion and other generation AI vendors is that it is a sales format based on the "track record" of actually using "Maison AI" at World Group. This is the strength of

This is true for all of the solutions provided by Fashion Collaboration, "SIMLES," and because we ourselves use it on a daily basis, we are able to provide support tailored to the client's business situation even after delivery. Generative AI technology, which is evolving day by day, tends to become abstract, but as a fashion company that has undergone over 60 years of transformation, World Group is able to provide proposals tailored to the needs of the field.

OpenFashion Co., Ltd. Representative Director Toru Ueda

We believe that signing the sales and introduction partner agreement with Fashion Co-Lab is a very big step. We believe that utilizing Maison AI technology will bring new innovation to the fashion industry, and by signing contracts with World Group members who are actually using Maison AI in their work, Now we have an opportunity for even more people to take advantage of it. Utilizing the knowledge gained through the actual use of Fashion Co-Lab's "Maison AI", we will help clients feel the potential of generative AI in their proposals and create a system that provides solid support from sales to implementation. Together, we will make this even stronger.

Through this partnership, we continue to shape the future of the industry as we aim to grow the industry as a whole by expanding the possibilities of design through AI, speeding market response, and delivering the best products to consumers. We will do our best.

■About Maison AI

Maison AI is a generative AI utilization support service specializing in the fashion industry. It has functions such as text generation and image generation, and comes standard with security that prevents confidential company information from being used as learning data.

Furthermore, by setting a specific job type to the AI, it is possible to obtain more accurate answers even for questions that require prerequisite knowledge. It also includes an ``image style function'' that allows you to specify your favorite style, such as ``Image style function''. It also features an easy-to-understand UI, even for people who have never used generative AI, and can be used in a variety of situations, such as improving business operations and brainstorming ideas.
Maison AI official service site:

■About “Maison AI” free trial

・Free trial period: End of January 2024

・Target functions: Workspace creation, member invitation, AI chat, AI agent, template, image generation, history

・Target AI model

[Text AI model] ChatGPT3.5 /ChatGPT4.0

[Image generation model] Stable Diffusion XL 1.0

・Maximum usage: We plan to set a certain upper limit for each workspace, such as the number of participants.

*Please apply from this service site.

■Introducing the features of “Maison AI”

◆Model installed

ChatGPT3.5: ChatGPT3.5 gpt-3.5-turbo-1106

ChatGPT4.0:ChatGPT4.0 Turbo gpt-4-1106-preview

*Both are the latest models announced in early November 2023 (6th and 7th local and Japan time)

◆Image generation function

This is a new feature released in October of this year. With the "image generation function", it is now possible to generate images from sentences (text) on Maison AI.

You can also use the "Image Style" function, which allows you to generate images in your preferred style by simply specifying the image size and style such as "anime," "photo," "pixel art," "origami," or "3D model style." Available.

◆“Image generation function” usage example

・Image image of planning materials

・Fashion design images

・Material images for websites, blogs, e-mail newsletters, web advertisements, etc.

◆AI agent function

By setting a specific job type to the AI, you can get more accurate answers even for questions that require prerequisite knowledge. Maison AI, which specializes in the fashion industry, has AI agents for not only human resources and legal affairs, but also fashion designers and pattern makers.

*Prompts for each AI agent are posted on the sample site.

◆Other functions

・AI chat: You can freely chat with AI just like ChatGPT. For example, when creating a product description, simply enter the characteristics of the product using words such as "one piece" or "pastel color" and the text will be automatically generated.

・Template: By setting a specific task, you can use it quickly without having to input it every time.

■“Maison AI” planned additional functions

◆In painting function

We are also planning to add a function that allows you to generate a model's face image and replace part of the image. With this planned feature, you can easily create various images of the same outfit, such as changing the model's face or showing items such as belts and sunglasses.

*Functional contents are subject to change.