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All 60 types of prompts (instructions to AI) are free! New features of the generative AI utilization support tool “Maison AI” accelerate the use of AI in the fashion industry – and now supports multiple languages ​​such as English and Korean –

OpenFashion Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Toru Ueda, hereinafter referred to as OpenFashion), which develops services and products that combine fashion with the latest technology including AI, is a generative AI company specializing in the fashion industry. We have added a new store function to the usage support tool "Maison AI" that allows you to use all 60 types of prompts (instructions and questions to AI) for free. Furthermore, in addition to Japanese, we have added English, Korean, and Chinese to the service as new supported languages.
"Maison AI" is currently available for free as a free trial period until mid-March, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

OpenFashion Co., Ltd. is working on developing services and products that combine fashion with the latest technology, including AI. The service "Maison AI", which is currently in beta version, is a text and image generation AI tool specialized for the fashion industry, and is used to improve business efficiency of companies, create new businesses, and fashion schools. It is already being used by many people in a variety of situations, such as in classrooms.

With the newly released "Store" feature, 60 types of prompts (instructions and questions to the AI) are available to all Maison AI users for free. These prompts are for efficiently creating the instructions and questions necessary when utilizing generation AI, and by using the prompts, users can use AI to generate text, create images, analyze data, etc. You'll be able to work more easily and effectively.

・MaisonAI service site (available for free until mid-March)

  • Background to the introduction of Maison AI’s new feature “Store”

Demand for the generative AI-related market in Japan is 111.8 billion yen as of 2023, but it is said to grow approximately 17 times to 1.7774 trillion yen in 2030 (*). While it is expected that the use of generative AI will further advance in various industries, there are still many issues that remain for users who utilize it.

*Announced by Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) in December 2023

One of them is the difficulty of creating prompts . To get the most out of generative AI, you need to give it accurate and effective instructions (prompts). However, companies considering the introduction of AI and users who actually use AI are unsure of how to design prompts, making it difficult to get the answers they want from AI. did. Despite the rapid evolution of AI technology, the difficulty of creating prompts is hindering the use of AI technology and is also a barrier for companies to promote AI adoption.

Therefore, OpenFashion has added a new store function to its generative AI utilization support tool "Maison AI" that allows users to select, use, and customize prompts according to the required scene.

  • About the store function

The newly added function ``Store'' is a new function within the generative AI utilization support tool ``Maison AI'' that allows you to use all 60 types of prompts (instructions to AI) for free. For text generation, you can choose from "common prompts" that can be used in various industries and "fashion prompts" that are specialized for the fashion industry.Furthermore, "image prompts" provide prompts that can be used when generating images. Doing.

All prompts were created by OpenFashion through interviews with professionals in the fashion industry, including designers, marketing, and public relations. This allows us to create many prompts that require specialized knowledge.

▶Common prompt (sentence generation)
・Sentence summary: Summarize the given text

・Create blog post ideas: Support ideas with outlines and topics of services etc.

・Public relations release writing: Release writing support

20 types of prompts are available, including

▶Fashion prompt (sentence generation)

・Create product introduction text for apparel: Create attractive product introduction text from information such as notes

・Item MAP creation support: Planning and organizing best-selling products and inventory management at the product development stage

・Styling image prompt engineer: Proposes fashion styling prompts in AI image generation

20 types of prompts are available, including

▶ Image prompt (image generation)

・Flat image generation of clothes: Generates an image of the item image of the day's coordination by replacing the color tone

・Pattern image generation: Generate super vector wallpaper (pattern) images by replacing motifs and color tones.

・Logo design: Generate a logo design by replacing motifs, symbol words, styles and colors

20 types of prompts are available, including

  • How to use the store function

① Select your favorite prompt from the store

・Here, select "Typo Checker" from the common prompts

② Edit the prompt as necessary

- On the new creation screen, it is possible to additionally set (customize) the conditions for the selected prompt.

*By customizing the prompt, you can use the typo checker to check whether there are any typos or omissions in your company name, service name, etc.

③ Sentence generation

・Simply enter the sentence you want checked and the AI ​​will check for typos.

Image prompts can be generated as easily as text generation by simply selecting the prompt of your choice.

*The above image was generated from the prompt "Accessory image" (by replacing the material, color, dial shape, and descriptive words to create an image of a wristwatch)

Furthermore, the number of languages ​​that can be supported has increased with this update, and in addition to Japanese, three new languages ​​have been added: English, Korean, and Chinese (traditional) . Users can choose the one they like.

At OpenFashion, we not only provide Maison AI to companies, but also provide support in promoting the introduction of generative AI to spread the use of generative AI among companies mainly in the fashion industry. The newly added "Store" feature allows users to experience the convenience of generated AI through 60 types of prompts, while also increasing the frequency with which they interact with AI, to the point where users can create and utilize new prompts themselves. I hope you enjoy it as well.

As a pioneer in technological innovation in the fashion industry, we will continue to contribute to the sustainable development of the industry using generative AI.

  • About “MaisonAI” free trial

・Trial offer period: Mid-March 2024 ・Target functions: Workspace creation, member invitation, AI chat, AI agent, template, image generation, history ・Target AI model [Text AI model] ChatGPT3.5 / ChatGPT3 .5 - 16K /ChatGPT4.0
[Image generation model] Stable Diffusion XL 1.0
・Maximum usage limit: We plan to set a certain upper limit for each workspace, such as the number of participants. *The trial period is subject to change. Please visit the Maison AI service site for the latest information.

・MaisonAI service site

・MaisonAI guide page (notion)
You can see more details on how to use MaisonAI