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The beta version of "Maison AI", a text and image generation AI tool specialized for the fashion industry, is now available from today - A free trial is also available for a limited time -

OpenFashion Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as OpenFashion), which develops services and products that combine fashion with the latest technology such as AI, has developed a generative AI utilization support tool specialized for the fashion industry. We have started offering the beta version of "Maison AI". This tool supports various prompts (instruction texts to AI) specific to the fashion industry so that text generation AI can be easily utilized. Additionally, there is a strong need for creative fields in the fashion industry, and it is now possible to use both text generation AI and image generation AI in one tool.
We are currently offering a free trial for a limited time.

Background of ChatGPT development for businesses

With existing generative AI services, if you enter confidential internal data or personal information, there is a risk that it will be used as training data for AI, and this risk is one of the drawbacks of introducing generative AI in companies. In addition, since it is made with individual use in mind, there are some parts that are not easy to use for teams or organizations, and current generation AI tools have different functions such as sentence generation tools and image generation tools. Because the tools are separate, costs are incurred when using each, making it difficult to seamlessly implement them into business operations.

In order to solve such problems, we have developed a new comprehensive generation AI tool "Maison AI" specialized for the fashion industry that can be used across teams and organizations and can use both text generation AI and image generation AI. Start. We started offering the beta version on August 25th, with a standard feature that prevents the input data from being learned by the AI, so you can use it with peace of mind.

■MaisonAI service site

Function introduction of “Maison AI” (partial)

■AI agent function

By setting a specific job type to the AI, you can get more accurate answers even for questions that require prerequisite knowledge. Maison AI, which specializes in the fashion industry, has AI agents for not only human resources and legal affairs, but also fashion designers and pattern makers.

*Prompts for each AI agent are posted on the sample site below.

Image generation function (scheduled to be provided from October to November)

It is equipped with functions such as generating images from prompts, generating facial images of models, and generating images by replacing part of the image. You can easily create various images of the same image, such as changing the model's face and adding items such as belts and sunglasses.

Other functions etc.

・Workspace: You can create a workspace for your organization, team, etc.

・Member invitation: You can freely invite members to your workspace.

・AI chat: You can freely chat with AI just like ChatGPT.

・Template: By setting a specific task, you can use it quickly without having to input it every time.

・Team or private use: AI agents and templates can be set for either team or private use.

・History: You can view your personal history and share the history of AI agents and templates used by your team.

・Security: By default, information entered through ChatGPT API is not learned by AI.

・AI model: ChatGPT 3.5, GPT-4 (only 3.5 can be used in the beta version free trial)

We believe that by increasing efficiency through AI, humans will be able to focus their time more on where they should be. And "Maison AI" is currently running a free trial. We will appropriately propose the functions within "Maison AI" according to your usage.

For free trial application and service details, please visit the service site below.

■MaisonAI service site

■MaisonAI guide page (notion)

You can see more detailed instructions on how to use MaisonAI.

Start of free trial with beta version launch

・Trial offer period: August to end of October

・Target functions: Workspace creation, member invitation, text generation AI chat, AI agent, template function, team sharing function, history sharing function

・Target AI model: ChatGPT 3.5