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Account privileges

Maison AI has limited functionality depending on the account privileges given.

About functional restrictions due to privileges

page overview owner administrator General remarks
Workspace settings page access × Hide left menu (general)
Workspace settings Rename workspace × ×
Workspace settings amount to use ×
Workspace settings Contract details ×
Workspace settings Payment history / Reactivation (stripe conductor) × ×
Workspace settings Workspace cancellation (stripe conductor) × ×
Member list page access
Member list Permission change ×
Member list invitation ×
Member list Delete member ×
Member list Cancel invitation ×
History (chat) Title change Only my own (general)
History (image) Title change only my own
AI agent Edit Delete Only my own (general)
template Edit Delete Only my own (general)

About changing permissions

You can change it by selecting from the pull-down menu on the member list page .

*Administrator → General / General → Administrator only. Owner privileges cannot be changed.