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Basic functions of history

You can view your own history and that of other team members.

History list screen

①Switch display tab

  • You can use the tabs to distinguish between the history you created and the history created by other members.
  • The "private history" you created will be displayed.
  • "Private history" created by other members will not be displayed.
    • ⚠️Note - In the future, it will be possible to check if the authority is admin/owner.
What is “Private History”?
    • All AI chats
    • AI agent whose public scope is set to “private”
    • Template with user set to "private"

This is the chat history.

  • In the "Image Generate" section, you can see a list of images and prompts created by other members.

② History list

  • Each conversation is displayed as a history.
  • You can change the title of the history you created by clicking the pen icon next to the title.
  • The history displays information such as the creator and creation date.