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Guests who are active at the forefront of “fashion x AI” will be on stage! The seminar “Fashion x Gen-AI Front Runners: The forefront of fashion and generative AI” will be held!

OpenFashion Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Toru Ueda, hereinafter referred to as OpenFashion), which develops services and products that combine fashion and generative AI, will hold an event at the Tokyo International Forum on Tuesday, October 31st. , we will be holding a seminar "Fashion x Gen-AI Front Runners - The forefront of fashion and generative AI". The event will be held both online and offline, and participation is free, so please register.

Generative AI is rapidly evolving and has received a lot of attention in recent years. At OpenFashion, we believe this will bring new possibilities to the fashion industry and help provide an environment where people can focus on being more creative. On the other hand, there are still few examples of AI utilization in the domestic fashion industry, and there are hurdles in various aspects, such as promoting its introduction within the company and copyright issues.

Under these circumstances, this seminar to be held at the Tokyo International Forum (Yurakucho) on Tuesday, October 31st will bring together guests who are active at the forefront of the field of "fashion x generative AI" and have a talk session. We will implement it. We will explore the "current" and "future" of generative AI in the fashion industry, from textile designs that actually utilize generative AI to examples of its use in fashion-related companies and educational institutions.

*This seminar will be held at the Tokyo International Forum on October 31st (Tuesday), Japan's largest comprehensive textile trade fair, "JFW Japan Creation," and the textile business meeting "Premium Textile Japan." This will be held as a related program of Japan, PTJ)

The approximately 2-hour seminar will be divided into three parts as shown below, and will be held simultaneously online and offline for free. Please apply in advance to avoid missing out on this opportunity.


Part 1: Textile design using generative AI

Part 2: Utilization of generative AI in schools and companies related to fashion

Part 3: Fashion tech companies’ use of generative AI


  • What's NEXT seminar "Fashion x Gen-AI Front Runners - The forefront of fashion and generative AI" overview

■Date and time : Tuesday, October 31, 2023, scheduled to start at 14:00 and end at 15:40

■Location : Tokyo International Forum Lobby Gallery Seminar Venue

■Participation fee : Free

■Participation application URL

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*Reception for event participation has ended.

If you would like to watch the archived video at a later date, please register above.

■Time schedule
Part 1: “Textile design using generative AI” 14:00~


Chie Kamijo, Chief Operating Officer/COO of OpenFashion Inc.

・Seminar content

When we say "use generative AI in design," what can we actually do? This time, we will introduce various examples of how text generation AI and image generation AI can be used in textile design planning and design.

Part 2: “Using Generative AI in Schools and Companies” 14:35~


Mr. Naoaki Kokubo, Director of Educational Affairs Department, Tokyo Mode Gakuen

Mr. Toshiyuki Kosakai, Director of Neo Economy Business Division, World F3 Co., Ltd.


Mr. Toru Ueda, Representative Director/CEO of OpenFashion Co., Ltd.

・Seminar content

Tokyo Mode Gakuen and World Co., Ltd. have begun working on utilizing generative AI across their organizations. We will talk to two companies that are promoting the introduction of generative AI from an early stage in the fashion industry about the purpose and expectations of this initiative, as well as the current state of generative AI.

Part 3: “Fashion Tech Companies’ Utilization of Generative AI” 15:10~


MAMORU YAMASHIKI, Representative Director/CEO of DROBE Co., Ltd.

OpenFashion Inc. Representative Director/CEO Toru Ueda (TORU UEDA)


CEO, New Rope Co., Ltd. / Associate Professor, International Fashion College

Mr. Satoshi Sakai (SATOSHI SAKAI)

・Seminar content

In March of this year, DROBE Co., Ltd. started offering "AI Stylist," an item/coordination search service using ChatGPT, and OpenFashion Co., Ltd. held an AI design fashion contest in April. Two people who were among the first to advance the use of generative AI in the fashion industry ahead of other companies will talk about the current and future of "fashion x generative AI utilization."

  • Speaker information (in alphabetical order)


OpenFashion Co., Ltd. Representative Director/CEO

Career shift from apparel salesperson to IT industry. Utilizing his experience in planning, design, and development in the IT industry, he established Omnis Co., Ltd. (currently OpenFashion Co., Ltd.) in 2014. After joining World Group in 2018, he became a technical advisor at the company and launched OpenFashion in 2023. He specializes in service and product development that combines fashion and the latest technology.

Chie Kamijo / CHIE KAMIJO

OpenFashion Co., Ltd. Chief Operating Officer/COO

While attending university, he gained experience in store operations at a fashion SPA, and immediately entered the world of fashion. Joined Omnis in 2019 as a domain specialist with 20 years of experience in apparel, having held positions such as designer, MD, marketing, EC, system development, and global new business development and management. It is rewarding to face the boundaries that tend to be obstacles in the fashion industry, such as organizational and digital issues, and to provide better services by being close to the site, from problem discovery to resolution. Currently at World Co., Ltd., he is in charge of new business development projects using generative AI.

Naoaki Kokubo / NAOAKI KOKUBO

Tokyo Mode Gakuen Educational Affairs Department Director

Graduated from Nagoya Mode Gakuen in 1994. In charge of Onward Kashiyama's brand suite and chief designer of Paul Smith Women's. After working as chief designer for Burberry Blue Label and Blue Label Crest Bridge at Sanyo Shokai, he joined Tokyo Mode Gakuen in 2019 and is a teacher in the fashion design department.

Tokyo Mode Gakuen:


World F3 Co., Ltd. Neo Economy Business Headquarters Director

Joined World Group after working as a supplier of clothing materials. After gaining experience in textiles and production, he moved into the men's brand business. After working as a business manager and president of a business company such as Takeo Kikuchi, he is currently the director of the Neo Economy Business Division, which is responsible for developing new businesses by leveraging his knowledge of brand businesses and supply chains within the group's digital business.

World Co., Ltd.:

Satoshi Sakai / SATOSHI SAKAI

CEO, New Rope Co., Ltd. / Associate Professor, International Fashion College

We provide fashion-specific technologies such as trend prediction, AI customer service, and image recognition to brands, retailers, trading companies, etc. After graduating from the Faculty of Design and Engineering at Kyushu University, he has been working at Mynavi Co., Ltd. since 2009, where he has been in charge of marketing, information magazine editing, etc. Since 2012, he has been involved in app planning, design, PM, and operation at Lanchester Co., Ltd., and started his own company in 2014.

Newrope Co., Ltd.:

Mamoru Yamashiki / MAMORU YAMASHIKI

DROBE Co., Ltd. Representative Director/CEO

While studying at the University of Tokyo, launched ``LinNo'', an SNS for students. Joined DeNA in 2010 as a new graduate. After successfully forming a business partnership with Yahoo, he became the person in charge of the project to launch the free calling app "comm." In 2016, he participated in the launch phase of BCG Digital Ventures' Japanese base and worked on new business development with various major companies. Established DROBE in April 2019 and became its representative.

DROBE Co., Ltd.: